Destination BC presents updated plan for coming year

Posted October 27, 2015 - 3:36pm

From Destination BC: We are proud to present Destination BC’s 2016-2017 annual plan to grow tourism in BC. This plan supports the second year of our three-year corporate strategy. In the past year we have taken big steps forward as a Corporation, and the industry as a whole has seen some record-breaking successes. As an organization, we successfully implemented some difficult changes in order to reap tangible benefits and secure a prosperous future.

Over the past year, Destination BC has identified areas where we can refocus activities and realign efforts to provide a better return to industry on Provincial investments in tourism. Overall, we’ve become a leaner, more focused and more efficient marketing organization, and we’ve shifted more of our resources into marketing.

We’ve successfully launched and begun building BC’s revitalized destination brand, started up the new Destination BC Co-operative Marketing Partnerships Program, and rolled out new pilot programs for Visitor Services and the Remarkable Experiences Program. We have worked hard to collaborate more effectively with our partners.

And we’ve seen significant results. BC’s tourism industry is performing exceptionally well. Considered in a national perspective, BC is #1 in absolute volume growth, #2 in visitor expenditure growth and #2 in international visitor expenditures.

There was significant consultation with you, our partners, in the development of our 2016-2017 plan. More than ever, this year’s plan is based on us all collaborating so we can win together. Read More

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