Media Update – Loren Christie, Metro News Press Trip

Posted November 7, 2016 - 1:25pm

Tourism Vancouver Island has hosted many successful media trips over the course of this year. One of these trips focused on a “Land, Sea and Sky” theme and truly captured all of the elements that make Vancouver Island the ideal travel destination that it is. Loren Christie, writing for the Metro News, embarked on a journey to Vancouver Island where he would participate in activities that are true to the spirit of Vancouver Island. Christie’s outlet, Metro News, is a national newspaper with approximately 1.8 million copies in circulation, targeting an audience of readers aged 25-39.

The destination for Christie’s press trip was Campbell River, an area that is teeming with outdoor recreation and wildlife viewing experiences. Christie flew to the Island using Pacific Coastal Airlines, where he would land directly in Campbell River to begin his trip. After exploring the community by land, the first activity on Christie’s itinerary was to experience a day of snorkeling with salmon with Destiny River Adventures.  Luckily for Christie, the salmon run was at its peak and he was able to see a considerable amount of salmon during his excursion. For visitors to Vancouver Island, these snorkeling adventures allow participants a chance to get an up-close and personal look at the salmon while riding down the Campbell River.

To carry on with a wildlife viewing theme, Christie’s next activity was a bear viewing excursion with Discovery Marine Safaris. This excursion takes bear watchers to Bute Inlet, one of the few locations accessible from Vancouver Island to view grizzly bears. After the full day tour, Christie was fortunate enough to spot 5 grizzlies and several other species of wildlife. These excursions really are a great way to spend a day on Vancouver Island!

Another aspect of Christie’s trip was to explore the area by air. For a final activity, Tourism Vancouver Island had arranged an opportunity for Christie to experience Corilair’s historic mail flight. Corilair’s mail run allows tourists to tag along as they deliver post to 4 small communities on the Discovery Islands. This flight allowed Christie to get a birds-eye view of area and really showcased the beauty of Campbell River and the Discovery Islands.

There is plenty to do and see while visiting Vancouver Island and Loren Christie’s experience in Campbell River really showcases some of these wonderful activities. To read more about Loren Christie’s trip, follow the link to see the article profiling his experience for Metro News.

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