FortisBC Programs and Incentives

FortisBC Programs and Incentives – go high efficiency and save!

Efficient Boiler Program

FortisBC offers rebates up to $60,000 on approved energy efficient boilers – in one easy application.


Eligible condensing boilers qualify for a rebate of $12 per MBH*, to a maximum of $60,000 per boiler,

Mid-efficiency boilers qualify for $4 per MBH, to a maximum of $20,000 per boiler.

The size and efficiency of the boiler you install determines your incentive.


*Note: Purchase price for condensing boilers has decreased considerably since the Boiler Program was overhauled in 2012.

The condensing boiler incentive will be reduced to $9 per MBH effective May 5th, 2014. Please note there are no changes to incentives for mid-efficiency boilers.

Efficient Commercial Water Heater Program

Install a high-efficiency water heater and receive a rebate of up to $15,000, size and efficiency determines your incentive.


Includes storage water heaters, hot water supply boilers and on-demand domestic hot water heater

Foodservice Incentive Program (Kitchen Equipment)

Commercial kitchens use more natural gas per square foot than any other kind of business.


Rebates up to $3,500 per appliance are available when installing high-efficiency cooking equipment.

Commercial Energy Assessment Program

FortisBC offers a FREE Energy Assessment by an external efficiency constant for qualified businesses. Eligibility is based on a minimum annual consumption 2,000 Gigajoules (GJ) per year on average, of natural gas.


The energy efficiency consultant will visit your site and provide a written assessment and recommendations to improve your business’ energy efficiency.

While we certainly hope you’ll follow our consultant’s recommendations, you’re under no obligation to do so.


For more information about our programs and list of approved models, please contact:

Shanna Wilson, MBA CD
Energy Solutions Manager
Fortis BC
| 1027 Langford Parkway
Victoria BC | V9B 0A5
cell 250-888-4191  | toll free 1-855-680-5725

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