Powering Economic Alignment & Growth Through Tourism FY15

The Powering Economic Alignment & Growth Through Tourism project, Phase 1, has created communication tools that form the foundational pieces leading to greater investment, alignment and collaboration in the economic development community within the Vancouver Island and Sunshine Coast region.  This first phase of a multi-faceted communications strategy will broaden the understanding of the Value of Tourism as an engine that can be utilized to grow tourism to the region, as well as support investment, labour force and resident attraction.

Specific messaging for four target groups was developed to focus on how tourism connects to residents, stakeholders, government, and economic development agencies. Messaging was injected into internet-based interactive tools and traditional media.

The legacy of this project is the collaboration of many agencies utilizing the tourism sector as the powerhouse to promote the destination as a place to live, work, play and invest.

To preview the final communications tools please see videos below or visit the project’s website at www.valueoftourism.ca

Compilation Video

Stakeholder Video

Resident Video

Economic Development Video

Government Video

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