2019 Vancouver Island Road Trip Map

The most popular content that Tourism Vancouver Island produced in 2017 was about road trips. It was offered to our audience as information on the website, blog content and a downloadable PDF. No matter its form, road trip information for exploring Vancouver Island continued to perform well.

For the 2019 Touring and Exploring Map we’ve decided to create something a little more valuable to the consumer and steer away from the traditional map filled with stakeholder ads and interest points. Instead, we’re going to bring our top four road trips to life and make the 2019 Touring and Exploring Map the Vancouver Island Road Trip Map:

• Pacific Marine Circle Route
• Victoria to Tofino/Ucluelet
• Nanaimo to Campbell River (Oceanside Route)
• Nanaimo to Port Hardy

In addition to the Road Trip Map, instead of creating individual ads, we’re going to sell experiences to our audience by way of customer testimonials. As a valued stakeholder, you have the opportunity to purchase and provide a testimonial for your company as a stop along the way on one of our four road trips.

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