Winter Product Digital Listening Program

Getting the bigger picture of your online presence is paramount to marketing in the tourism industry. You may be scanning Trip Advisor reviews or diving into your Facebook comments to find what has performed well and where you can improve, but what if you could see a bird’s eye view of your brand and industry? Whether you’re marketing craft beer or curated cultural tours, your brand essence is dispersed across digital platforms, and it can be time-consuming to compile it all together and distill it into actionable insights.

That’s where our new, digital listening report comes in.

Tourism Vancouver Island has licensed Simply Measured, a powerful digital listening tool that scrapes conversations from over 300,000 sources (think Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and more). We’ve been monitoring conversations across the Island, and we’re now offering a limited-time winter product digital listening report.

We pull all of the conversations happening on Vancouver Island around your industry category, be it whale watching, wine tours, storm watching, or farm to table dining. We’ll also pull your brand mentions, so you can do a brand pulse check.


The conversations around your brand will be pulled for November 15 to March 15, giving you a solid look at winter product conversations. We also have a year’s worth of historical Vancouver Island related today that we’ll drill down to your brand and industry.


The benefits are simple: this report can help validate and measure your marketing efforts, identify where conversations are strong or weak, discover new trends in your industry, and give you a large-scale picture of your brand and industry in the digital landscape. Let it inform how and where you talk about your business online.

Advertising Rates

$595 for a one-time report based on data from November 15, 2018 – March 15, 2019

For more information, please contact:

  • Hannah-6
    Hannah Smith
    Social Media & Content Specialist
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