Island Moments & Instagram Takeovers

Tourism Vancouver Island invites you to takeover Island Moments, our consumer e-newsletter and our @tourismvancouverisland Instagram account.

  • Island Moments is sent to more than 21,000 qualified subscribers and that number is growing each day.
  • Our Instagram account has more than 4,800 followers and we’re projecting 67% growth by the end of March 2018.

You provide the content and we’ll take care of the rest!



  • Introductory paragraph (approximately 100-125 words)
  • URL to the landing page where all traffic will be driven to read your featured articles. Tourism Vancouver Island can host your content on our blog if you’re unable to provide a dedicated landing page within your site
  • Lead-in sentences for up to two articles (approximately 50 words of lead-in per article)
  • Two 600 pixel x 212 pixel banners
  • Two 242 pixel x 153 pixel images plus 15 characters of text per image plus URL for call-to-action (i.e.: Instagram account)


  • Design of e-newsletter (within our template)
  • Distribution to our entire consumer database of qualified subscribers (21,000+)
  • Exclusivity. There will only be one Island Moments takeover per available month


IM Takeover sample


  • November 2018
  • January 2019
  • March 2019
  • May 2019
  • July 2019
  • September 2019




  • Seven images and captions
  • Your Instagram handle and branded hashtag(s)
  • Photo credits for each image (name and/or Instagram handle). You must ensure you have appropriate rights to share all images provided on Tourism Vancouver Island’s social media channels
  • Consent and release form for all images


  • Announce the takeover on all our social media channels one day in advance. On Instagram it will be announced through an Instagram Story
  • Post one image per day with caption, photo credit, your Instagram handle, branded hashtag(s) and image location. The Instagram Takeover will run over seven consecutive days.
  • Use #explorevancouverisland, #exploreBC and any other hashtags deemed appropriate on all images
  • Tag Destination BC (@hellobc) in all posts
  • Co-host a “Travel Tuesday” on @tourismvancouverisland with you
  • Share a minimum of two of the posts to Facebook during the same week
  • At the end of the takeover, prepare one blog post for

Content Guidelines

The goal of the Instagram takeover is to feature both your business and the Vancouver Island region as a destination. Each image and caption should tell a story of an experience, trip or area.  The caption should focus on storytelling, rather than traditional sales copy. See the Destination BC Brand Guidelines on writing for more information.

Image Specs

  • Seven images with a resolution width no lower than 1900 pixels
  • Images should drive interest around travelling to the region and booking an overnight stay
  • Avoid featuring portraits, culturally sensitive areas, or copyrighted material. If any images include recognizable people you must provide an image waiver completed by the model.

IG Takeover sample


Advertising Rates

Island Moments Takeover


Instagram Takeover

1 Instagram Takeover + 1 Island Moments Takeover

Rates do not include GST

For more information, please contact:

  • Dana5
    Dana Wacker
    Content Engagement Coordinator
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