Become a Board Member

Benefits of being a Tourism Vancouver Island Board Member!

Make your voice count: contribute to increasing the economic benefits that flow through tourism to the Vancouver Island Region with a strong collective voice. You’ll help make a difference in the organization, the community, the tourism industry, and quite possibly, in a lot of individual lives. You’ll be part of a functioning team that is responsible for guiding the strategic direction of the organization.

Keep informed: learn what the organization is doing to reach the goals of the association. In addition, gain valuable training and knowledge in governance. You’ll learn so much and be exposed to a number of things that can make life more interesting. As a board member you review financial statements, come up with solutions, pursue stability and sustainability, and become part of a team responsible for the success of the organization.

Make a difference: as a director, you are a vital part of an organization that seeks to improve the visitor experience and ensure the region is internationally recognized as a preferred travel and getaway destination. Your involvement on the board can result in great attention, marketing and publicity for you and your company.

Stay connected:  expand your network through regular board and committee meetings, social events, educational sessions, and marketing initiatives that keeps the industry informed and connected. You can meet some really fascinating people.

The responsibilities of being a board member are great, but the benefits can be immeasurable.


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