Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Stakeholder Model?

The stakeholder model allows us to consider all tourism industry participants in the region as stakeholders, without a requirement to pay membership fees.

Who qualifies as a stakeholder?

To be considered a tourism industry stakeholder a business must fit into one of the categories identified for stakeholders and must meet the criteria that are set out by the association for that category.

As a qualified stakeholder, how do I participate in Tourism Vancouver Island marketing campaigns and promotions?

Visit our Marketing Opportunities page for a listing of current opportunities, or contact a program representative.

For more information on the stakeholder model, visit What is a Stakeholder Model?


How do I link to Tourism Vancouver Island’s website?

Link to Us has instructions on linking to us, as well as some buttons featuring our corporate logo.

Who do I contact with suggestions or comments on the website?

Lauren Semple, Corporate Communications Specialist, can be reached by email at or phone 250-740-2020.

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